alarm monitoring

How Does Alarm Monitoring Station Work?
An alarm system is attached to your telephone line, (or Ethernet, or wireless GPRS network module), which is then used to send signals from your security control panel to our monitoring centre. Our operators can see what type of alarm is coming through and can then take action by calling keyholders, a patrol response or the police. Operators monitor when the alarm is being armed and disarmed, indicating open and close times of your premises. With a direct link to our Alarm Monitoring Centre, you benefit from an immediate response 24/7 whenever your alarm is activated.

Types of Monitoring Services We Can Provide:

  1. PSTN (Standard Telephone Line) Dial-UpGSM (Standard wireless Dial-up)
  2. GPRS (Wireless Communicating with constant Polling Classifcations)
  3. IP Monitoring (Monitoring over Ethernet)

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