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The Advantages of Hiring Man Guards for Your Business

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On TV, we often see celebrities, politicians, and billionaires with bodyguards in black suits and dark glasses. In company halls and state buildings, we see man guards or static guards standing by the entrance doors, looking undistracted and composed. We might relate them to Ben Stiller from The Night at The Museum or Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard, but underneath their intimidating getups, have you ever wondered what they can actually do?

Unconsciously, people are very dependent on security personnels and safety machines everyday. We may not know it, but doing our routines like shopping, going to the bank, visiting museums, and visiting the hospital seems uneasy without man guards inside these establishments. For us, it may seem like they’re just standing there, but basically, their presence—to make you feel safe—is already a part of their job.

Man guards are widely known as security professionals, and are commonly known as security guards or static guards in some areas. They are employed by clients (public or private) to protect their assets (property, people, facilities, money, etc.) from any type of hazard like vandalism, fire, waste, property damaged, dangerous employee behaviour, trespassers and crime. They are professionally trained to enforce preventive measures and maintain peace in the location they are assigned to.

The history of man guards dates back to at least the beginning of time. There is an early reference in the Bible, where the Prophet Ezekiel would call on a watcher to sound the alarm or blow the horn in case somebody would come. There was no police or any form of law enforcement, especially in the Middle Ages, and they had to solve security problems as a private matter.

A security guard was commonly called a “watchman” until the 1980s, which was later adapted over to North America where it became interchangeable with the term night-watchman or night-guard, until these words got incorporated with the security-base titles that we are using today.

Security officers are oftentimes known to be doing police-like work for their employers. They are hired to protect, this is why their presence must be highly visible to deter crime and hinder any illegal activity. To accomplish their duties, most security guards wear a uniform to demonstrate their lawful authority in protecting an asset. Their uniforms also present formality and professionalism in their work.

For some services like covert cash-in-transit, guards are discouraged to wear security uniforms to refrain from drawing too much attention from the public. This allows them to blend in the crowd and hinder robbers and thieves from easily spotting them. And sometimes, how security officers dress would depend on the company’s service or a client’s request.

Here are a few highlighted reasons why man guards are crucial for every business:

Crime Prevention and Response

Aside from their usual roving and patrolling jobs, guards are also responsible for monitoring the alarm systems or video surveillance cameras to check for any form of disturbance.

Though the standard CCTV surveillance systems have become a famous and handy crime deterrents, it is simply not enough. Security services from professionally trained guards are very crucial in case your surveillance systems fails, or in case of security breaches, a security guard is needed to immediately respond and provide assistance.

They are also responsible in assessing the location and finding a solution when problems arise. In instances like employee fights or customer rage that may lead to physical harm, they have the capability to stop it and call for emergency services in case somebody needs medical assistance. In life-threatening scenarios, guards may contact law enforcements for backup.

Provides Sense of Security

The presence of man guards in the area can contribute to your employees and your client’s sense of security. Having a guard on duty allows an employee to focus more on the job. They can help maintain a peaceful environment in the company while looking out for your employees. They help avert crimes like theft, property damage, drug trafficking, and even bullying.

Also, having them around will give your customers peace of mind knowing that they are safe while doing business with you.

Additional Customer Service

Man guards can also assume customer service roles. Other than their hand-to hand combat skills, guards are also trained with the basics of customer care like proper greetings, addressing an inquiry, and even assisting handicapped clients. Some people do not know this but customer service is a very essential skill for security professionals.

Though the common methodology in security practice is "detect, deter, observe and report", Protective Security Services New Zealand Ltd aims for excellence by constantly innovating and studying the latest developments in the security industry. With over 33 years of combined experience in security solutions and management, Protective Security Services New Zealand Ltd is proud to offer a top-notch security solution for every client all across New Zealand.

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